The BigFoot Philosophy

We believe that surfing can fuel the soul. It is a place where you can lose yourself while demanding you be present in the moment. It has worked for each of us and countless others we've introduced to the stoke. We invite you to join us for the experience!

Our Company Mission

Bigfoot Surf is committed to delivering a surf lesson experience that is safety focused, student centered, ocean aware, respects the surf community and builds a strong foundation for developing surfers for just the day or for life.


A Great Day of Surfing

Doing it right – Part 2
From: The Meaningful Traveler Blog
by Steve Brock

Surfing and the Hand’s I noted last time, I tend to be a “jump in and learn on my own” kind of person. But since Shaun Wolden, co-founder of BigFoot Surf School down in Westport, WA had been so helpful, encouraging and supportive […]

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A Meaningful Surfing Experience

Doing it right – Part 1
From: The Meaningful Traveler Blog
by Steve Brock

How often do you read the assembly instructions? Pull out the user’s guide? Take time to review anything more than the Quick Start sheet (if that)? Me too.

Or at least that’s been my modus operandi most of my life. Jump in. Figure it […]

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New Video – Discover Westport

Discover Westport Featuring Marcel “Redboy” Peterson
Marcel is holding steady with his compound bow and his two daughters are playing in the kayaks. We are big fans and friends with Marcel, who earned the nickname “The Santa Claus of Surfing”. Every wave that comes his way is a gift and he doesn’t mind party waves. […]

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BigFoot Surf School – It’s Official.

Yep, it’s official. We have our Washington State Parks Commercial Use Permit to teach surf lessons at Westhaven State Park! 
For well over a decade, we have been teaching surf lessons for local surf shops, not-for-profit organizations and introducing fellow snowsports instructors, friends and family to the sport of kings – surfing. Over the years […]

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