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About Westport

Discover Surfing in Westport, Washington — The Surf City!

Westport, WA – The Pacific Northwest Surf City

Easily accessible from Seattle and the surrounding areas, Westport, Wa draws thousands of tourists every year. Westport at its very essence is grounded in all things ocean and is referred to as the PNW’s “Surf City”. When you drive into the seemingly sleepy coastal town, right away you can tell the community is integrated in the fishing industry and surf lifestyle. Walking down the main street there are seafood restaurants serving the freshest catch of the day, idyllic boutiques for shopping, and the observation tower to watch perfect PNW sunsets after a day of surfing. With two local surf shops (The Westport Surf Shop & Steepwater Surf Shop) and three ideal places to surf in town, the Washington surf community originated in Westport and has organically grown since the 1980s. Experience surfing in Westport, Washington for yourself.

a small boat in a body of water next to the ocean

Why Westport is “The Place to Learn to Surf”

Located on the tip of Grays Harbor and open to the swells of the North Pacific, Westport offers consistent waves all year. During the summer months, weak low pressure systems and dominating high pressure systems produce great conditions for beginners to learn to surf and intermediate surfers to hone their craft in waves from the waist to chest high size range. The winter months bring cold fronts from the Northwest that can create waves in the double overhead range for experts to put themselves to the test.

Westport Surf Breaks –
Not One, but Three

Westport has three different surf breaks. Which of the three breaks you head to on any given day depends on: the swell direction and size, the wind direction and speed, as well as your surfing ability. Having three surf breaks that face different directions in such close proximity makes Westport very unique in the Surfing World.

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